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Dog Training Pricing & Packages

We offer a variety of packages to fit the needs of you and your four-legged family member.

Book a Professional Assessment

A professional, personal and thorough assessment of your dog helps determine the best learning path and program for everyone!

In-person consultations are a great way to get to know each other and determine training goals along with evaluating any behavior and your dog’s temperament. We will discuss together the best way to fit everyone’s needs along with having fun!

Private Dog Lessons

At K9 Better, we’re dedicated to spending time with your dog to provide them with the training they need while helping build a positive relationship with you and your family members.

We offer private dog training, puppy training, and doggy academy to ensure you and your dog both have the knowledge and skills to be successful.

  • Customized lesson plan & take home literature for practice
  • Martingale collar included, additional training tools may be suggested to enhance your pups training and will be available to purchase directly from K9 Better along with being sized by your trainer.

  • Basic obedience skills as agreed upon at sign up, any behavioral concerns may be referred to longer duration programs and addressed at the discretion of the trainer.

  • Flexible days and times to fit any schedule, including evenings and weekends!

  • Check out what’s included in our private dog training and sign up today!

$100 OFF private lesson packages when done at our facility!

Have fun bonding with your 4 Legged Family Member! Click below to reserve your spot or give us a call today!

* Transportation available at additional cost.

Our K9 Better Day Academy

20 Day Academy Program

This is our most popular program! (all ages)

☎️ Call Us Today!

βœ“ Advanced program that allows us to take a beginner to high level obedience and more!

βœ“ For ages 5 months and older, no training experience needed!

βœ“ All skills are taught on a 6ft, 15 ft leash, and 25 foot leash with integrating low/medium/high level distractions as the program and pup progress!

**This course will be suggested for behavioral concerns such as any barking concerns, reactivity on leash, resources guarding, and any fear based behaviors.

βœ“ Qualifying pups can get started on off leash recall using an e-collar, upon request (in facility evaluation will be required prior to signing up for off-leash) pups can not have any behavioral concerns)

βœ“ Fully customizable program for your pups goals including the following skills: Sit, Down, Place, Leave it, Out, Touch, Loose leash walking, Recall, Waiting at doors, Polite greetings, holding positions and more!

βœ“ 20 Full days of school, that runs Monday-Friday on 4 consecutive weeks. Transportation is available for a travel fee based on milage

βœ“ Homework is given throughout the program, each week parents will have time with the trainer to go over your pups skills to translate everything home!

βœ“ 1 training collar to keep is provided, any additional training tools suggested to enhance your pups training will be available to purchase directly from K9Better.

βœ“ 2 1-hour in home private lessons will be provided upon graduation to continue practicing your pups skills in their enviornment! Follow up lessons have an expiration of 6 months from graudation date.


* Transportation available at additional cost.

K9 Better Puppy Academy Head Start Program – $799
puppy 1
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An exciting program specifically designed for puppies aged- 16 weeks to 5 months!

What it includes:

  • 6 Full days of training: Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 2 consecutive weeks.

  • Day and Trains include multiple training sessions through out the day, along with mental stimulation catered specifically to your dog! We are on your pup’s agenda to keep everything fun; naps and cuddles are also included!

  • Customized reward-based curriculum for your pups’ specific needs and goals.

  • Daily homework to practice skills and translate training home

  • Martingale collar to keep

  • Starting a foundation of basic obedience skills that is fun and exciting for everyone involved!

  • Focus on overall manners. Clear communication, Buidling a bond with your puppy, Crate training, Potty training, Waiting politely at doors, No jumping. Greeting people calmly.

  • Professional tips and pointers to incorporate training into your daily routine

  • Starting a foundation of basic obedience skills.

  • Focus on overall manners. Crate training, Potty training, Waiting politely at doors, No jumping. Greeting people calmly.

  • Professional tips and pointers to incorporate training into your daily routine.

  • Field trips daily to incorporate proper socialization into your pup’s repertoire!

  • Daily Transportation and switching the follow up lesson to your location are both available for a travel fee based on milage

  • Have a multi dog household? We always offer 10% off your 2nd pawtners program!

  • Our adult Academies are always a great compliment to your pups headstart program! With completion of their puppy program, we extend 10% off future Adult Academies! We recommend Adult acadamies for graduates around 6-8 months old where they can revisit us to master their foundation!