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About K9 Better Dog Training

Dedicated to providing your dog the training they need while helping build a positive relationship with you and your family members.

Jessica Hammonds

Jessica  Hammonds

Owner / Head Trainer

Hi I am Jessica, the owner/head trainer of K9 Better! I have been training for many years working with thousands of dogs to date! I am considered a balanced trainer, with reward based learning programs.

My dog training passion all sparked when I was a consumer too, seeking out a trainer for my own dog. I was navigating methods and styles neither my dog, nor I understood. That’s when I started to educate myself on everything about dog training through training education, alongside working as much as I could with dogs of all breeds, ages, behaviors, and K9 Better was born!I am always learning new things in the training world, and am not afraid to step outside the box to educate myself more to reach a goal!

Dogs are just like people, that they all learn differently! I evaluate every pup individually and customize each training program for that specific pup’s learning style, personality, all with their goals in mind! Here at K9 Better, training is rewarding and so fun your pup may not even realize the life skills they are mastering! My favorite thing to work on is building a stronger bond with their humans so that they are partners in whatever life brings them!

I have 2 awesome German Shepherds that get to follow me on my training journey every day! We compete in a few different sports, with scent work being our favorite! Training dogs is not only my passion but my lifestyle, and I love it every single day!

Training at K9 Better is a better way of training for everyone involved!

About K9 Better Dog Training in Baltimore and the Surrounding Areas

Premier Dog Training in Baltimore County

At K9 Better, we’re dedicated to spending time with your dog to provide them with the training they need while helping build a positive relationship with you and your family members.

Our training style is:

  • Balanced
  • Customizable
  • Geared to fit your needs

  • Builds a bond with your pet

  • Makes training fun

  • Builds foundations for life

  • We serve all ages and breeds

We offer private dog training, puppy training, and doggy academy to ensure you and your dog both have the knowledge and skills to be successful. Check out our packages and give us a call today!

Private Dog Training in Baltimore MD

Contact us by calling (443)647-8377, or click the button to let us know you’re interested!